• RAM Concept

RAM Concept

RAM Concept is 3-D concrete slab design software. It is an extremely powerful tool and allows designer to design an entire floor in one model. It is commonly used in many prominent companies especially in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, etc. It also covers all popular concrete design standards - AS3600, BS8110, ACI318, Eurocode 2, IS456, CSA23.3, etc. It is preferably used to design, check and analyze 2-way slab systems, full transfer slabs or slabs with transfer beams. It allows to export locations and information of tendons into CAD files, saving significant time to complete PT drawings.

Latitude Tendons in RAM

RAM Concept Latitude Tendons

Longitude Tendons in RAM

RAM Concept Longitude Tendons

Deflection in RAM

RAM Concept Deflection

Check Punching Shear in RAM

RAM Concept Punching Shear

Bottom Strength Plan in RAM

RAM Concept Strength
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