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Benefis of post-tensioned concrete

Benefis of post-tensioned concrete

Friday, December 04, 2015

The benefits gained using post tensioning in structures are;
1. Larger spans.
2. Thinner slabs and beams.
3. Larger pours
4. Reduced floor to floor heights.
5. Reduced conventional reinforcement.
6. Reduced number of columns.
7. Reducedweight of the structure, therefore smaller and fewer footings.
8. Early formwork stripping, therefore faster construction.
9. Reduced crane time since the components are fewer and lighter.
10. Improved deflection control.
11. Overall reduced construction costs.

Post Tensioned Slab systems offer more environmentally sustainable construction with reduced concrete/cement aggregates consumption, reduced total steel content and the associated reduction in production energy consumption. When demolition is required recycling is easier as the concrete is readily separated due to the reduced steel content.

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